Outside Seams

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After an overnight cure, I stripped the tape off the outside seams. I got generally nice results where the inside fillets formed against the tape, but there were a few hickeys and concavities. The bow was something of a mess with the side panels not flush with the bow panel

Hickey Near the Stern

Ugly Bow
The Ugliness at the bow

The hickeys were easy to fix with a little epoxy putty. Didn't bother with caulking gun--just troweled it in out of the pot with a tongue depressor. Some time with a power sander and some 60 grit improved the bow enormously and got the chines into a nicely rounded shape. Biggest problem at this point is that spouse is not enchanted by sound of sander and shop vac running for long periods..

Nice Bow
The Bow Much Improved

The next step was to glass the ouside seams. I got this done with no significant problems

Outside Seams Glassed
The Outside Seams Glassed