Middle Bulkheads

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The next step was to install the middle bulkheads. I could forsee a possible problem of accidentally gluing the middle bulkhead jig in place, so I put plastic bags over the ends where it might have happened.

Bag on Jig
The Bag on the End of the Jig

The "legs" on the jig that positioned the bottom panels weren't actually in contact so I removed them.  So then I put the bulkead in, put a masking tape dam on the backside to the fillet, and filleted and glassed it in place.

Bulkhead 1 Fillet
Bulkhead 1 Filleted

Bulkhead Locator Holes

Before I installed the second bulkhead, I drilled small holes up against the first bulkhead through the side and center chines so I can locate the cut line on the outside when the time comes.

Alignment Hole
Alignment Hole

The second bulkhead presented a problem for damming the filled installation.  I solved it by cutting some partial bulkead shapes for cheap lauan, putting the masking tape dam on the bulkhead, before putting it in place and then using the partial shapes to push the dam into place. I also used a fairly stiff putty mix for the fillet.

Tape dam and partial shapes
The Tape Dam and Partial Shapes

I'll know if this worked after I cut the boat in two.

The Double Bulkhead Installed
The Double Bulkhead in Place