Floatation Foam, Front Seat and Oars

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I cut and laminated some styrofoam for floatation.  There were gaps so I got a can of expanding foam and filled them, and ... more

Tumescent Foam
Tumescent Foam

It expanded overnight more than I expected--note excrescence creeping over the stern transom. However it succumbed to and trimmed up quite nicely with a bread knife. I did a similar thing with the bow floatation.  With gaps filled, it glassed in pretty well.

The next items I put in were the revised front seat and cleats for the upper mast support. I am going to finish the boat with the sailing option built in.

Front Seat
The Front Seat and the Cleats

I am thinking of some kind of metal fixture to attach to the cleats so the mast support will be demountable. I also made a daggerboard trunk which I will install after the big cut.

I also started on some oars per the Bateau design. Here they are being glued.

http://mmcgr.users.sonic.net/FB11/BigCut.htmlOars Glued
Oars Glued
Hours of sanding "pleasure" are in prospect.
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